Safer Speed Area

Protecting the safety of Hamilton neighbourhoods

Why do we have Safer Speed Areas?

Crashes at speeds of more than 40km/h have a much higher risk of killing or injuring someone. A child or other pedestrian hit by a vehicle travelling at 40km/h has a 40% chance of fatality. However, if a child or other pedestrian is hit by a vehicle travelling at 50km/h the risk of fatality increases to over 80%.

The graph below shows the relationship of vehicle speed to pedestrian fatality.


To put it simply, the faster the vehicle is travelling the more risk to vulnerable road users, like pedestrians, cyclists, elderly people or kids. In our residential streets we think it’s worth slowing down to keep our community from serious harm.

Most governments regard speeding as a major road safety problem. The ACC and Land Transport Safety Authority (now known as the NZ Transport Agency) published an extensive review of the relationship between speed and accidents, entitled “Down with Speed“.

Elvik and Amundsen estimated that compliance with speed limits could reduce the number of road fatalities by 38% and the number of injured road users by 21%.