Safer Speed Area

Protecting the safety of Hamilton neighbourhoods

What is a Safer Speed Area?

Safer Speed Areas have been introduced in many residential neighbourhoods in Hamilton. To protect our children and our community, Safer Speed Areas are proposed in places with there is an above average crash risk. Research shows a 50km/h speed limit is too dangerous for residential areas with lots of walkers, cyclists, elderly and kids, so our Safer Speed Areas have a mandatory speed of 40km/h.

To support this change Hamilton City Council may need to construct traffic islands, alter intersections, or install pedestrian facilities to make the environment safer.

For a comprehensive overview of work completed to date as well as the work that was proposed for 2013/14 you can read Hamilton City Council’s Safer Speed Areas and Speed Management Policy report (PDF, 1.22MB).

Ten new Safer Speed Areas came into effect on 1 March 2014. Check out the maps of each new area.

In February 2014 Council resolved to not introduce any additional speed limit change proposals beyond the areas that were brought in on 1 March 2014, until a review of the Speed Management Policy is completed. This review will make use of emerging guidance being developed at a national level on road classification and speed limits. More information on the national Safe Speeds Programme, including updates on the progress of the national speed management programme, is available on Safer Journeys.